My passion is helping people create a healthy vessel within your body. Maybe you are on the verge of a health crisis or currently feel lost in a current one. Our current health care system is broken. On one hand we have a band-aid approach with doctors prescribing band-aids for  symptoms of chronic illness or alternative medicine approach with only prescribing supplements. 
 That’s where I come in. I help get to the root cause of your inflammation and we create a plan together to reverse inflammtion and restore function. 
I’m here to guide you become the best version of yourself.
“one’s ability to execute daily activities with optimal performance, endurance, and strength with the management of disease, fatigue, and stress and reduced sedentary behavior.”

Your Health is an Investment

Do you suffer with symptoms of   hormonal imbalances like heavy or irregular periods, migraines,  cramping or hot flashes?

Are you always feeling bloated, have chronic symptoms like IBS or constipation or digestion? 

Are you lacking energy to get through the day?

Have you given up fitting in your clothes?

Do you have issues with sleep like falling asleep or staying asleep? 

Do you feel your strength has disappeared?

Let's Find The Root Causes!

I work with others just like you to get to the root causes of inflammation and begin to heal your body

Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid illness or an autoimmune and only been prescribed lifelong meds as your treatment? OR Do you have symptoms and have been told you are normal?

Have you been on a diet roller coaster trying every fad plan your friends jump on?

Does the drive-thru meals fit in your lifestyle but not your waistline?

Do you feel sluggish and achy or have trouble sleeping?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

That's Where I Come In!! 

I'll educate and guide  you on the components of how to fuel your body with real and whole foods without any tricks. We test your body to look for imbalances and inflammation. Gut health is at the center of illness. We aim to heal your gut by together creating a personalized plan, take consistent action and build these new habits into your healthier  lifestyle.

The Process



In-depth consult where I listen to your personal story



Proven and powerful testing, diagnostics, and analysis.



Create a customized Health Restoration Plan



I partner with clients to guide them in taking back control of their health.


Here's what my  clients have to say...

”The personal training sessions helped give me the boost that I needed!  Great workouts and nutrition with Kim helped get me going in the right direction especially with her positive attitude!”

- Carrie

”Kim had no idea she was an answer to my prayer. But what I enjoyed most was learning to make simple, practical choices to be healthy.  She Really listens to me, hears my specific needs providing exactly what I wanted & needed. Kim provided step by step instructions, recipes, snacks, what to do & not to do, setting me up for success. I felt incredible from day one. I sleep better at night, I have increase of energy, clearer thinking and no longer need my coffee. I am feeling fantastic not to mention 14 lbs. lighter.. I can’t thank you enough for everything.

- Angelica

”If not for Kim's motivation plan and guidance there was no way I could accomplish this on my own.
I was too overwhelmed.

Losing 40-50 lbs. and keeping it off
wouldn't have happened.

"My body now recognizes what normal food is. The key was not expecting results overnight. Looking at the long term; a lifestyle switch. I thought I was pretty healthy until I tweaked and pulled apart what I was really eating. Years of suffering from chronic headaches I finally found relief.
Being committed to a more holistic approach combined with exercise made the difference.”


"I started working with Kim 7 months ago at a time when my body let me know just how unfit and unhealthy I really was. 

I knew I needed help and Kim was the best choice I could’ve made. 


She gave me the information and encouragement I needed to become more fit and more healthy!! 

I have actually started to look forward to working out!! 


Kim continues to further her education in the health and wellness field and is always eager to share her knowledge.

I can’t thank Kim enough for the changes she has helped me make in my life!! ❤️



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A misconceived perception of health is when we lose weight we will be healthy. When in reality the journey to losing weight you get healthy.  Our bodies need more than just to be on a diet. We need quality food, quality water, quality air, quality products we use for personal use, quality movement and quality sleep. 

Many assume they are pre-determined with a health diagnosis due to family history. When in actuality, your genetics load the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger. This is what's called epigenetics. 

I help you find root causes to your health issues, give you the tools to eliminate inflammation, help to repair and restore your health.

I ask you to look at health differently. 

Many have been told there is no help with health issues. I'm here to show you otherwise. 

All these combined create pillars of health. When our bodies are realigned and optimally working we create a sustainable future.  And this is what I encourage you achieve.. a sustainable healthy lifestyle

It's my goal to help others avoid a health diagnosis and or reverse side effects from a current one with lifestyle changes. I will help you build a plan for a healthier the life that you are looking for. 

I am grateful to have the opportunity to help you achieve your goals, whether that is having more energy, overall feeling better, stronger, or looking leaner. 

I offer HOPE for your Health!

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