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Welcome to Hope4YourFitness

Functional Wellness Practitioner specializing in Functional Nutrition, Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing, and Functional Training

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Functional Wellness Practitioner & Nutritionist 

At Hope4YourFitness, I believe in functional wellness that focuses on identifying the root cause of inflammation to restore function. As a certified wellness practitioner I specialize in functional nutrition, comprehensive diagnostic testing, and functional training to help you achieve optimal wellness. I am committed to providing personalized attention and care to help you reach your health goals.

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My Specialties

Functional Nutrition

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Functional Training

Inflammation Management

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Take the first step towards optimal wellness by booking a free 15 min consultation with me today.

“I have been struggling with inflammation for years, but after working with Kim at Hope4YourFitness, I finally found relief. Her personalized approach to functional wellness really made a difference in my life!”

- Sarah K.

“Kim helped me establish healthy eating habits that I can maintain for life. her expertise in functional nutrition and training really sets them apart from other practitioners.”


“I highly recommend Hope4YourFitness to anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellness. Their comprehensive approach to functional wellness is truly life-changing!”

- Emily S.

"I started working with Kim 7 months ago at a time when my body let me know just how unfit and unhealthy I really was. 

I knew I needed help and Kim was the best choice I could’ve made. 


She gave me the information and encouragement I needed to become more fit and more healthy!! 

I have actually started to look forward to working out!! 


Kim continues to further her education in the health and wellness field and is always eager to share her knowledge.

I can’t thank Kim enough for the changes she has helped me make in my life!! ❤️



”If not for Kim's motivation plan and guidance there was no way I could accomplish this on my own.
I was too overwhelmed.

Losing 40-50 lbs. and keeping it off
wouldn't have happened.
"My body now recognizes what normal food is. The key was not expecting results overnight. Looking at the long term; a lifestyle switch. I thought I was pretty healthy until I tweaked and pulled apart what I was really eating. Years of suffering from chronic headaches I finally found relief.
Being committed to a more holistic approach combined with exercise made the difference.”

Laini Gray, FDNP Functional Health PractitioneHormone & Gut Health Expert

Kim is a holistic practitioner dedicated to helping others achieve lasting change with a complete wellness approach.  She has extensive knowledge of nutrition, health and fitness, but more importantly, a sincere desire to encourage and inspire while also leading by example.  She has a unique ability to really meet her clients where they are and creates a personalized plan of simple but powerful action steps to move them forward on their journey in a way that is exciting, rather than overwhelming.   What sets her apart is her genuine compassion, professionalism and the ability to motivate others to experience a life of health, joy and inner peace they didn't know was possible.'" 


”The personal training sessions helped give me the boost that I needed!  Great workouts and nutrition with Kim helped get me going in the right direction especially with her positive attitude!”

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