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About Hope4YourFitness

Functional Wellness Practitioner & Nutritionist 

At Hope4YourFitness, I specialize in functional nutrition, comprehensive diagnostic testing, and functional training to help you get to the root cause of inflammation and restore function. My approach focuses on eating and moving for function, so you can feel your best and your body can function optimally. I believe that a healthy lifestyle is achievable for everyone and I am here to help you on your journey.

I like you have had my own wellness journey with hormonal issues, osteopenia and a thyroid diagnosis. Through the Wellness Way approach to inflammation, I was able to begin to restore health, lose weight and get quality of life back. I became a practitioner to do the same for others.

I believe in the individual. We all have different stressors. I don't chase symptoms. I don't ask WHAT I dig for the WHY. We are like trees and have many branches and there is almost always several roots and causes to why our health goes awry. The roots that I look for in root-cause resolution exist in an environmental or biological terrain. Just as the roots of a tree grow in soil, the roots of a health issue grow in an environment that is conducive to that particular problem.


My primary focus is to fill a gap between physicians and their patients. I help guide individuals back to function by finding out where their dysfunction is coming from and give them the tools to rebuild their body.  

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Have you been diagnosed with a thyroid illness or an autoimmune and only been prescribed lifelong meds as your treatment? OR Do you have symptoms and have been told you are normal?
Symptoms are becoming common. Just because we all have similar symptoms does not mean it's normal. Common is not normal.
Symptoms are the check engine light of your body telling you there is dysfunction. Do not ignore signs. These signs are telling us a story about your health. 
Hugging a Pillow
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