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Your Title: Welcome to my World!!

Welcome to My World!

Now that I've gotten your attention, it’s time I introduce myself. I'm Kim and I'm glad you are here. I bet you are wondering how did I get here?? I know I often do.

My story seemed crazy to me but now I'm finding more people especially women who have similar stories.

I was always a yes person. If someone asked me to help I was there. Helped at mi kids schools as far back as pre-school. I sat on several boards from preschool to PTA, my local civic association and sports clubs. I volunteered at my church teaching religion. I enjoyed being active in my community and being a part of supporting the area and schools my children were a part of. Then as my kids graduated, moved on to college I had more time on my hands. I decided to put myself first and join the gym. I liked it so much I decided to become a trainer because I knew i could help others like me who had given up on themselves or just used to being last. And heh my friends i was working out with already liked it so others would too.

But during that time I also didn't feel well. I exercised almost daily and found myself drained, fatigued, having headaches and bouts of IBS. My hair was falling out and I had joint aches. I thought I was eating healthy and exercising so why couldn't I lose the extra weight and why did I feel so bad.

I finally saw my doctor who told me my symptoms were normal for women my age (over 50) and nothing was wrong with me...exercise and eat well was all she offered. I insisted on blood work and she resisted. Finally after more push from me, she ran tests and I got the results she was happy with.

I can remember the phone call.. "Great news I have lab results and we have an answer. You have Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism and this explains your symptoms And here is a pill you need to take the rest of your life or you could lose your thyroid or worse yet develop thyroid cancer." To say I was in shock was an understatement. As part of my routine over 50 workup she included a bone density exam. And about a week later I got more bad news. I had the start of Osteoporosis. I was at the stage they call Osteopenia. She told me with thyroid not working properly it had effected bone mass. SO.. she upped my dose of Levothyroxine and added Calcium and Vitamin D and a women's multi- vitamin.

After about a month I didn't feel better in fact worse. I asked "What's my future plan here? My course of action?" She replied "Nothing. Eat well exercise using weight bearing exercises ( what I had already been doing for 2 years) and keep taking these meds for life. And I am going to increase the dose on your Levothyroxine "

That's all I needed to hear. I was not going to on prescription meds the rest of my life. So I started researching my self and found foods to avoid to heal. Mainly gluten, dairy, corn, sugar and soy. I found products and plans to help me do it. As I started to change friends and family noticed and they wanted to change too. So they joined me on my journey. But I still kept researching and wanted to know more on nutrition so I got certified as nutritionist with Precision Nutrition and though the education was awesome it was still diet focused and I was looking for healing through food. I discovered Functional Nutrition and how food can both heal or destroy function in the body. This was what I was missing. I became certified as a functional nutritionist. This philosophy is rooted in science and how systems of the body are affected with foods. That at the root level foods can heal or make us ill.

About the same time I had also found the Wellness Way of Green Bay. A series of chiropractic offices with both chiropractors and practitioners across the US. These practices also believed and practiced with the principle that the body does not make mistakes. That inflammation was at the root cause of disease and dysfunction. Find the root and can help the body adapt to function. My daughter was finishing chiropractic college and was beginning her career with the Wellness Way.

With their approach our whole family became patients and saw life changing results after being told by doctors that there was no cure, no help or to accept staying on medications for life for various ailments. We've made lifestyle modifications with lasting results. Our bodies were returning to function. I started seeing real results with my thyroid. In fact today I have a fully functioning thyroid and am not classified with hypothyroidism nor the lifelong diagnosis of Hashimoto's my doctor had diagnosed me with.

The Wellness Way started an Academy to teach other doctors, nurses and people who wanted to learn what true healthcare and wellness was. Based on basic principles of Physiology and Biology and learn to test the body not guess at symptoms. I joined the academy and today I am a proud graduate and practitioner.

I now offer my functional services from nutrition, personal training and offer diagnostic lab testing.

I believe in function. Food and movement should be for function. I believe we all should all function optimally. I offer recommendations on products or services that fit in line with wellness goals. There is something for everyone that I offer. From breakfast ideas, meal prep, lose weight, build strong body and balance. When food and exercise isn't enough we dig deeper together to get to the root of why you don't feel well.

Sometimes we find things you didn't know were there because the majority of testing I offer aren't run in our current health care system. We wait until we are sick instead of prevent illness. There are ways to help everyone in my offerings. I want to be a part of the solution for wellness that people are lacking. I bridge the gap between patients and doctors and treat you as an individual not a cookie cutter patient. We have all too long accepted common as normal. Common symptoms, common drugs and protocols have become common but it's not normal.

Are you ready?

If you are ready to be more than common and become extraordinary then you are in the right place. I look forward to being your tour guide on the roadmap to your wellness.



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