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After a thorough health history and consult, I will create a care plan that can include comprehensive testing, herbal supplements, food and exercise plan. The goal of this plan will be to find triggers that have led to inflammation in your body. Chronic inflammation is at the heart of disease and illness. We will work together to eliminate inflammation by finding triggers and begin to restore your body to function. It may also include stress reducing practices. I work with you to develop a workable plan that is right for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. 


RESISTANCE and STRENGTH TRAINING: increase lean muscle mass and metabolism.

CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE: optimize fat burning

FLEXIBILITY: to prevent injury, promote recovery

COACHING: knowledge, support, and accountability to help create a strong body to perform daily tasks.


DIET: What you eat daily.. the foundation of all health and fitness where we focus on gut health, plant-based, and whole foods approach to intuitive eating. Ability to test for food allergies.

SUPPLEMENTATION: fill in the voids in your nutritional program and eliminate inflammation.

COACHING: knowledge, support, and accountability


*One on One Personal Training in person or via zoom

*Nutrition Coaching in person or virtual via Zoom

* Health Coaching one on one

*Group Personal Training in person or virtual via Zoom are all available.

(Choose a package based on personal training only, nutrition only or a combo of both)

Prices vary based on contract to be discussed at your wellness consult.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals! We all deserve to live a fulfilling and quality life. We should be able to live presently and participate in all that comes our way. I'm here to help you live out that life.

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