I'm a Certified in Restorative Wellness Practitioner through The Wellness Way of Green Bay. (A series of restoration clinics) I'm also a  Certified Functional Nutritional Counselor Practitioner through the Functional Nutrition Alliance, A Certified Level 2  Nutritionist with Precision Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer with NASM as well as a Certified Essential oils coach with Essential Oils Institute and Life University. It's not about my certifications and titile but the knowledge I have gained. I've helped 100's get back on track with their health with nutrition alone. Adding wellness services such as comprehensive testing helps us get to the root of why people may not be getting results and help attain better health. 

We get back to basics on:

*Mindset (Sometimes the biggest obstacle) & *Education

Food for Function-

-Meal prep
- How to shop for food, stock a kitchen
- Meal planning that the whole family will enjoy. 

-Exercise and Daily Movement

I provide accountability by requiring you to keep a daily nutrition and exercise log, and reviewing it together each session. Overcome obstacles together through teamwork!

We can dive deeper and test the body's function. What's going on in there and how can we restore function? 

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